Main Activities

  • Maintaining personal files of all Staff.
  • Preparing monthly returns for salary, checking and sending overtime voucher, and payment orders to accounts section for payment.
  • Daily preparation of diet order for patients and health assistants.
  • Conducting medical boards and issuing reports to relevant institution.
  • Issuing railway warrants to hospital staff.
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Main Acivities

  • Plan Hospital services.
  • Establish and Mainteain the Hospital management Information system.
  • Train Hospital Staff in hospital planing and management.
  • Undertake and promote research.
  • Monitor and evaluate hospital services.
  • Coordination.
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  • Responsible for the notification system within the hospital.

  • Monitoring the general cleanliness of the hospital.

  • Implement the proper waste management system.

  • Monitor the maintenance of proper cold chin for the vaccine within the hospital.

  • Conduct and organizer training programme for relevant categories of staff.

  • Identification and correct of dengue breeding sites.

  • Organize review meeting such as maternal death review, perinatal death review and dengue death review.

  • Development of hospital infection control policies.

  • Documentation and investigation for prick injuries.

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The Information Technology Unit which is responsible for management of the information and communication technology infrastructure including Website, Local Area Network, Performance Monitoring System, and Computer Hardware and Software Management.

  • Provision of email and Internet service to the staff of the Teaching Hospital
  • Development and maintenance of the Hospital Web site.
  • Maintenance of the computers and Local Area Network of the Hospital
  • Development of databases and relevant software for the branches of the ministry
  • Distribution of Clinic Schedule through Internet
  • Providing IT based services to the public sector agencies.
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  • Perform duties in accordance with National health Information Plan.

  • Maintain EIMMR

  • Analysis of service process and identifies re-engineering needs according tom the requirement of the respective institution.

  • Facilitate designing, piloting, implementation and evaluation of health information system.

  • Coordinate health information related education and training of the staff as per the identified requirements and guidelines.

  • Coordinate and facilitate the management of health related data, information and statistics.

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  • Create quality culture in hospital with the introduction of Japanese 5S system, productivity concepts and quality assurance programme.

  • Promote employee participation in management by way of establishing work improvement teams.

  • Maintain a database for staff training and conduct planned in-service training programme.

  • Assist the management in performance reviews and maintain records of such reviews.

  • Conduct customer satisfaction surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, maintain and take corrective action for public complains.

  • Prepare tools for the implementation for productivity and quality programmes.

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