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Accident and Emergency  Treatment Unit

Teaching hospital, Batticaloa is a level one territory care institution. Although we have to follow the guidelines provided by the ministry of health, it is necessary to have our own working guideline for Accident and Emergency treatment unit considering available resources. Entire admission to the hospital will be channeled through this A & E unit.

CT Scan Service

Oncology Unit

Despite growing awareness of possible causes and symptoms, cancer is a disease that has seen increased prevalence in recent decades. Patient undergoing diagnostic testing and treatment receive compassionate, comprehensive care from a cancer care team includes medical Oncologists and Surgical oncologists Palliative care services also provided by our Team.

Genito Urinery Unit.jpg

Genito Urinery Unit

The principal role of GUU Physicians is the prevention detection management and control of sexually transmitted infections (STIS), they also manage a number of non-infectious medical genital problems, such as dermatoses (affecting the skin), in recent years the specialist has expanded into other areas of sexual contraception and the management of sexual dysfunction.


Dental Unit

Dental unit committed to delve a high level of care to all patients. Full range of oral care services for patients of all age groups are offered by a team of well experienced medical personnel. Our ultra modern dental care center offers services such as dental implants, crowns, bridges, oral surgical procedures, Correction of mal alignment, and paediatic dental procedure.


Paediatric Unit

Being admitted to hospital can be a stressful event for a child and the whole family. The admission may have been scheduled, or your child may have been admitted unexpectedly due to an emergency. In the case of an emergency admission, you will not have been able to prepare your child beforehand.


University Clinic Unit

It is widely recognized that better health is prerequisite for the overall economic and social development of a nation. Accordingly, under the guideline from Ministry of Health of our country, Teaching Hospital Batticaloa Provides Health care services to in and out patients with specialized Managements.


Nephrology Unit

The Nephrology Unit offers Diagnosis, treatment and care for in and out patients with kidney related conditions. Our specialist work closely with college from the international medicine department, Surgery, ICU and Clinical imaging department. Our work depends on collaborations based on mutual respect and understanding with all other units the ultimate aim is helping out patient and improving quality of life.

Gastroenterology Unit.jpg

Gastroenterology Unit

The unit provides a comprehensive service in clinical Gastroenterology, Hepatology, endoscopy and clinical Nutrition. Out consultants are specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine, liver and pancreas.


PRC Unit

Physical Rehabilitation Center provides crucial services to patients, including patients with amputated limbs, patients diagnosed with stroke, patients with diabetics foot ulcers, patients with spinal cord injuries, and patients with leprosy. The center also provides support services for patients cancer patients such as spinal braces.


Cardiology Unit

The cardiology intensive care unit receives adult and pediatric patients from the emergency room, transfer from other facilities, cardiology clinic, intra hospital transfer with monitoring facilities and clinic follow up facilities our professional work included assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of therapeuic regimes and monitoring and diagnosing cardiac condition. On the progression work of new building for separate cardiology unit.

OMF Unit.jpg

OMF Unit

OMF unit provides services to deal various aspects of disease and conditions related oral cavity, saw and head and neck region. We are adopting latest protocol in surgical and medical science in dealing with oral malignancy oral cancer, developmental abnormalities such as hair lip and palate and facial abnormalities to enhance the aesthesis and function.

Endocrinology Unit.jpg

Endocrinology Unit

Our services include treatment and management for inpatients and out patients with general Endocrinology conditions including; thyroid, pituitary disorders, endocrine condition in pregnancy, metabolic bone disorders and diabetes. Services are provided by physicians and trainee doctors specializing in endocrine disorders and diabetes.


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